Thursday, November 24, 2022

On The Edge Radio on C89.5 FM for 2022.11.20 (#406) DJ's Drew, Zuul & SAiNt

Part ONE:

Part TWO:


DJ Drew 8pm [OTE Sun31July22]

Night Club - Dear Enemy

Mellow Code - Blink My Dead Eyes

BLACKBOOK - People Are Fake

DV8R - Humans Ruin Everything 

Boy Harsher - Pain [Full]

ESA - I Detach [Mr Kitty Mix]

Grimes - Genesis

Iris - Third Strike

Solar Fake - This Pretty Life [Iris Mix]

MARUV - Candy Shop

LAZERPUNK - Heavy Weapon

Gesaffelstein - Pursuit 

Leaether Strip - Blasphemous Rumours

CHVRCHES - Bela Lugosi’s Dead

DJ SAiNt 9pm

SPC ECO - Break The Spell

Data-Bank-A - Weaponized

Avarice in Audio - Shock Value

Acket - She want it

Intent:Outtake - Immoral Traitors (Fractal Age Remix)

TerrorX - Eine Einheit (Faktion[22] Remix)

Toronto Is Broken feat. Amy Kirkpatrick - Between Planes

Rabbit Junk - Stone Cold (Feat. Amelia Arsenic)

Empathy Test - Monsters (Live at Liliom Kino, Augsburg, 2022)

Bow Church - Flood

Christian Death - Figurative Theatre (LIVE)

Montage Collective - Army of Me

Reichsfeind - Darken (Amnistia Modification)

Celina - Ghost

Luketua - Desinformación (Original Mix)

DJ SAiNt 10pm

Celluloide - Missing Words (ESP version)

Omnimar - The Matrix

Maalcar Byond feat. Byond - Catch The Wolf

RIOTLEGION - Cease to be (Manufactura Remix)

ee:man - Ashes of Sorrow (Concert Version)

Orrphoiz - Electric Crack (ES23 Remix)

Synthetic Solution - In My Mind

Sick Jokes; Rona Rougeheart; Sine - I Would Die 4 U

Boy Harsher - Burn It Down - Rework

Junksista - Fragile (feat. Maria Mar)

SYNAPSYCHE - Silvertongue (Graveless Version)

Neuroklast - Machina

Psychic Guilt - Ruth

Holon - Virtual Nothing

C-Lekktor - Obsession (Neikka Rpm Remix)


DJ Zuul 11pm

New Order - Confusion [Pump Panel Reconstruction]

KMFDM - Automaton

Underworld - Pearls Girl [Live]

Kaelan Mikla - Draumadis

Mr. Kitty - After Dark

Ministry - Khyber Pass

Killing Joke - Jana [Dragonfly Mix]

K3 - Blue Mist

Birmingham 6 - Police State

DJ SAiNt 12m


Aesthetic Perfection - Blood Runs Cold (Extended Club Mix)

Killing Joke - Afterburner (Alternative Version)

IAMX - Bernadette (ArtBleedsMoney Rework)

Ex.Hale - Chromatic Desire

Sick Jokes; SHIRAGIRL - This Is The Beginning (Stabbing Westward Remix)


eo ipso - Konform

Her Absence Fill the World - Give me my Ground

Cellmod; Tulip Tiger - Control Nothing (Tulip Tiger Remix Controlbots Version)

Cubic - Asteroids (Lectreau An Orbiting Remix)

Helalyn Flowers - Halos (Junksista Bumbum Mix)

To Avoid - Trust

Androids In The Mist - Panic Over (Dicepeople Remix)

davaNtage - Grey Roads (Mesh Remix)

DJ SAiNt 1am

Revolution State - Where Am I

This Is The Bridge - Empty Ground

Vicious Pink - In the Swim (Demo Version)

Emmon - Like A Drum

Jean Michel Jarre - EPICA

Elm - Sex Junkie (Patrick Codenys Abuser Mix)

NNHMN - Vampire II

Soft Crash; Marie Davidson - Your Last Everything (Soft Crash Angel)

Erik Eviston - EFA

2raumwohnung - Sexy Girl - 2raumwohnung Clubversion

Blackcarburning - The Grace of Heavy Lifting (feat. Mari Kattman)

Neuroklast - Urban Tribes (feat. Ivardensphere)

Simon Carter; Fabsi - We Are the Witches (Enchanted Version)

Gasoline Invertebrate - Bad Fact (Red Lokust Mix)

Red Lokust - Speechless (Leaether Strip Remix)

λ₴MѺÐΔI x Ģ∑₦ŦⱠ¥ Ūⱡ€ⱡĐ∑ - Θ¢¢µⱠ† ₹ΔΛ∑

Friday, November 18, 2022

On The Edge Radio on C89.5 FM for 2022.11.13 (#405) DJ's Drew, JQ, Zuul, Skinlayers & SAiNt

Part ONE:

Part TWO:


8pm DJ Drew

Night Club - Dear Enemy

Mellow Code - Blink My Dead Eyes

BLACKBOOK - People Are Fake

DV8R - Humans Ruin Everything 

Boy Harsher - Pain [Full]

ESA - I Detach [Mr Kitty Mix]

Grimes - Genesis

Iris - Third Strike

Solar Fake - This Pretty Life [Iris Mix]

MARUV - Candy Shop

LAZERPUNK - Heavy Weapon

Gesaffelstein - Pursuit 

Leaether Strip - Blasphemous Rumours

CHVRCHES - Bela Lugosi’s Dead

9pm DJJQ 

Lazerpunk - This Club Is Haunted


Lights Of Euphoria - Puppeteer

Her Absence Fill The World - Give Me My Ground

Null Device - Interrobang

ULTRA SUNN - Can You Believe It


BLACKBOOK - My Darkest Memory

Minuit Machine - Contradictions

Buzz Kill - Dancing With Machines

Matte Blvck - Western Fold [AEON RINGS Mix]

Kontravoid - Judgment [Kris Baha Mix]

Health - LA Looks [Guardian Mix]

The User Lives- Glow

10pm DJ Zuul 

Front 242 - Moldavia

Rotersand f Evendorff - Grey

Juno Reactor - Angels And Men

Ladytron - Ghosts

Clock DVA - Voice Recognition Test (Cognitive)

Apoptygma Berzerk - Burning Heretic [Ancient Methods Mix]

Eisfabrik - Walking Towards The Sun

New Order - Blue Monday [Hardfloor Mix]

Phase Fatale - Forward Chrome

Pitch Black - Sonic Colonic (Live at Minikami)


11pm DJ Skinlayers

Pandora - Crush 

Kontravoid - Too Deep

Torul - The Fall [Neurotech Mix]

Night Club - Die In The Disco

Kloud - Love Me

Kerli - Where The Dark Things Are

Tiny Deaths - Us

Arty - Poison For Lovers

Halsey - I Am Not A Woman, I’m A God

The Marias - Hush

Rein - Reincarnate

Bara Hari - Ugly On The Inside

Ladytron - Deadzone

White Stripes - Seven Nation Army [Glitch Mob Mix]

Nuda - Tension

12m DJ SAiNt [OTE Sun07Nov21 12m]

For All The Emptiness - Taking Back Control (909S S. Komor Remix)

Royksopp - What Else Is There? (ARTBAT Remix)

Dread Risks - Voidhost (GRIEFGIVER Restless Parasite Mix)

Hostile Architect - Dawn Ov

Rotersand - Grey (Dark Grey)

Noise Unit - K7

BlakLight - Effigy (I'm Not An)

The Human League - The Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Jimmy 19 The A509 PWC Remix)

Cirque D' Ess - Lydia For Frankie (Toxic Industry "Cursed Remix")

Goma - Intoxicated

Soft Cell - Guilty ('Cos I Say You Are) (Violator Remix)

PIG - The Wages of Sin (KMFDM v PIG Demix)

1am DJ SAiNt [OTE Sun07Nov21 1am]

Blac Kolor - Times Of Upheaval (Frau Silberfischer Remix)

Helix - Kill the Unknown

Kanga - Brother

Soman - Dio

Dread Risks - Trauma Ties (MORIS BLAK Remix)

daddybear - Science Fiction (feat. grabyourface)

Rohn Lederman - Watch Out!

Echoberyl - Mother Solitude (Club Mix)

Fluid Ghost - My Best Nightmare

Aesthetic Perfection vs Moris Blak - Betrayer

Michael Matters - Fluchtwege

Vanishing Heat - Under The Subway (Deadlight Vocal Mix)

Severed Heads - Dollarex (live)

Theatre Of Tragedy - Bring Forth Ye Shadow

Thursday, November 10, 2022

On The Edge Radio on C89.5 FM for 2022.11.06 (#404) Raymond Watts Interview + DJ's Drew, Paradigm Lost, Skinlayers, SAiNt

 Part ONE:

Part TWO:


8pm Raymond Watts <PIG> w DJ Drew

PIG - No Yes More Less

PIG - Glitz Krieg

PIG - Black Mambo

Schaft - Thirsty Fly

Schwein - Organza [Clouser Mix]

Raymond Watts - Dominator

Josie Pace - Perfect Replacement [Raymond Watts Mix]

PIG - Tarantula

9pm DJ Paradigm Lost

Blakk Glass - Dance On Me

Kanga - Going Red

Kanga - Magnolia

William Wilson - Silent Mirror

Torul - Transversia

Boy Harsher - Come Closer

SDH - Against Strong Thinking

Street Fever - In Your Lungs

Sierra - Gone

RIOTLEGION - Cease To Be [Manufactura Mix]


Shiv-R - Annihilation

Nigen - Fueled By Anger

Statiqbloom - Eight Hearts Eight Spikes

10pm DJ Skinlayers 

Julia Bondar - Fleurs Du Mal

Bad Stream - Already Dark

A Copy For Collapse - Your Imaginary World

CHVRN - Inception

One True God - Addicted

Etienne de Crecy - Someone Like You

daddy bear - Science Fiction [MORIS BLAK Mix]


Wolfsheim - Approaching Lightspeed

GoodBooks - Leni [Crystal Castles v GB]

TR/ST - Iris

Mr. Kitty - After Dark


11pm DJ Drew [OTE 11pm Sun08Feb15]

Einsturzende Neubauten - Die Interim Lovers

Skinny Puppy - Shore Lined Poison

Front Line Assembly - Mindphaser [Long]

Nine Inch Nails - Burn

Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus

Hate Dept - Won’t Stay Lit

Wolfsheim - The Sparrows & The Nightingales [Extended]

De/Vision - To Be Close To You

Depeche Mode - World In Your Eyes

Depeche Mode - Fly On The Windscreen

Miranda Sex Garden - Gush Forth My Tears [Mix]

12m DJ SAiNt [OTE Sun24Oct21 12AM] 

Craspore - Forget

Technoir - In Your Memory

Odonis Odonis - Get Out

Diverje - The Grand Betrayal (feat.[de:ad:cibel])

Crystal Geometry - The Threshold

Stendeck - Red Neon (Signalstoerung Remix)

Devikorps - Coke Stroke

Studio-X - Butene Machines

In Absentia - We Are Glass (ICI Remix)

Red-Meat - Wrapped In Leather (Grendel Remix)

Blac Kolor - Repentance (Crystal Geometry Remix)

Rotersand - Last Ship (Rearranged)

Klubovader - Chokepoint Overdrive

Gasoline Invertebrate - Scarlet Slip feat Chris Connelly (iVardensphere Remix)

Wolftron - Crypt Keeper

1am DJ SAiNt [OTE Sun24Oct21 1AM] 

Assemblage 23 - Silence (Suicide Commando Remix)

OBVRS - Equilibrium

Khmar - Ghost

EVA|3 feat. Riotmiloo - Sweet Abuse (P. Münch Rmx)

Hypnoskull - Acd Fck Grndr Dth

Alessandro Nero - Skeleton & Skulls

Skalski - Schweiss zu Schweiss

Midnight Nightmare - Inner Peace

Sx107 - Black Mood

32 Crash - Isomodia (Egoboost Mix By Implant)

I Ya Toyah - Death's Kiss

Delet This - Dummy Thicc

IN Veil - Daddy (EP Remix)

Raizer - Sharp

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

On The Edge Radio on C89.5 FM for 2022.10.30 (#403) DJ's Drew, JQ, Skinlayers, Daniel Graves, SAiNt

 Part ONE:

Part TWO:


8pm DJ Drew

Aesthetic Perfection - Blood Runs Cold [Club]

Josie Pace - Storm & Stress

2Libras - Panic Room

Aesthetic Perfection - Never Enough [Solar Fake Mix]

Solar Fake - Under Control [AP Mix]

SITD - Autoaggression [Solar Fake Mix]


Komor Commando - Love Your Neighbor [KMFDM Mix]

Electrovot - Night Soldier [Komor Kommando Mix]

Covenant - Like Tears In Rain

E Nomine - Mitternacht 

Rammstein - Morgenstern

Kraftwerk - Tour de France [2009 Mix]

Depeche Mode - Halo [RealEnd]

9pm DJJQ

ΣΕΘ (SET) - It’s All For You 

2Libras - Infected

NUDA - Transition

Aesthetic Perfection & MORIS BLAK - BETRAYER

Patriarchy - Suffer

Street Fever - Wounds

Suicide Commando - Monster [Unter Nell Mix]

Rabbit Junk - Love Is Hell

ESA - I Detach

KMFDM - Anarchy

Empathy Test - Incubation Song [The New Division Mix]

Vandal Moon - Sweet Disaster

Torul - Try [Original]


10pm DJ Skinlayers

The Cure - Burn

Garbage - #1 Crush [Original Mix]

MGMT - Little Dark Age

Helium Vola - Omnis Mundi Creatura

Corvus Corax - Filii Neidhardi

Numb - Blood

Aesthetic Perfection - Antibody [Single]

VNV Nation - When Is The Future

Rezz f Dove Cameron - Taste Of You

She Wants Revenge - These Things

Doll Factory - Baby One More Time


11pm DJ Daniel Graves [Sun12Oct14]

Leather Strip - Nothing Seen Nothing Done

Wumpscut - Golgotha

Aghast View - Vaporize [Wumpscut Mix]

Thomas Azier - Ghost City

Kontravoid - Impurities

Trust - Rescue Mr

Krewella - We Are One

Ralvero - What You Heard

Belzabass - Hell Yeah

Erasure - A Little Respect

12m DJ SAiNt Best Of [Sun31Oct21 12M]

Caffeine - Hooks In You

Gasoline Invertebrate - Strike It Up

Noise Unit - Initiate

DEVIKORPS - Don’t Make Eye Contact

SKD - Serpents Of The Snake Pit

Bootblacks -0 Nostalgia Void

Dread risks - Places You Fear Most

Nova State Machine - Total Control

Mortaja - Haunted

Bysmarque & Snowwhyte - Heaven’s Lost To Us

Discotheque - Into Shadows

Patenbrigade: Wolff - Angstprofil

BAK XIII - Manifeste 

Plz & The Cult - Discipline [QAL Mix]

DEADLIFE - Dysphoric Depths

1am DJ SAiNt Best Of [Sun31Oct21 1AM]

In3briant - Drifting

Batavia - Anthemoessa

SPC ECO - All I Need

16Pad Noise Terrorist - Hegel

Sinister Device - Meet Your Maker

Empires - The Sirens Call [Charred Bones Mix]

:Waijdan:- Home

TOAL - Ritual

Egoist - Phantoms [CH District Mix]

Ministry - Everyday Is Halloween [Dubstep Mix]

The Mission - Tower Of Strength [Cairo Mix]

When In Rome - The Promise [2021 Remastered]

On The Edge Radio on C89.5 FM for 2022.11.20 (#406) DJ's Drew, Zuul & SAiNt

Part ONE: Part TWO: **PART ONE: DJ Drew 8pm [OTE Sun31July22] Night Club - Dear Enemy Mellow Code - Blink My Dead Eyes BLACKBOOK - People Ar...